Visual Tracking and Academic Performance — Part 1

The VisionHelp Blog

In my experience, «visual tracking» is a term that seems to be universally recognized by classroom teachers, yet frequently misunderstood for the relationship of this visual ability to reading and learning. In a general way, teachers have learned that visual tracking refers to an eye movement and coordination ability. Plus when a child has trouble with visual tracking it typically results in behaviors that usually involve skipping lines when reading and copying which can lead to reduced reading skill. However, while most educators are familiar with this, they often have questions about what to do when a child has a problem with «tracking».

Specific to this point, recently I heard from Jennifer R., a 4th grade teacher from Indiana, who emailed me with some questions about this topic of «visual tracking». Jennifer was particularly interested in trying to understand how this one area of eye coordination, visual tracking, could impact…

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