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Got two Goggle Alerts this morning to a couple of very nice sites incorporating VT.

The first is from Lexi Surber, O.D., based in Illinois.  She is part of a comprehensive multidisciplinary team that works together to determine which factors are obstructing a child’s ability to learn at his or her full potential.  Look at the team members: nurse navigator, registered dietician/nutritionist, clinical psychologist, audiologist, optometrist, and family practitioner.  I like what Dr. Surber has to say about vision therapy, particularly as related to ADHD.

The second is from Lori Mowbray O.D. in Minnesota. I particularly like her information on integrated visual learning, imported from Steve Ingersoll, O.D. and the Excel Institute.

— Leonard J. Press, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO

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Об авторе Л.Н.

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