Retained Primitive Reflexes

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As we’ve discussed previously, the relevance of primitive reflexes and their integration into postural reflexes is garnering increased attention in the developmental and behavioral vision care community.  Persistence of primitive reflexes beyond six months of age may be suggestive of neuro-motor problems like CP, but are more often associated with less pervasive lags in development.  There are some very good models of vision that have now incorporated the concept into the fabric of optometric vision therapy.  We had received Dr. Lori Mowbray’s Primitive Reflex Training workbook with DVD through OEPF awhile back, and I forgot how good it is!  There are also some really nice video clips on the web to give you a flavor for it.  For additional background on Primitive Reflex Training, OEPF distributes the excellent DVD from Dr. Carol Marusich based on a workshop she did for COVD.

The role of primitive reflexes is being studied…

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